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WEARINTELS aims to use information in the fastest, most accurate, most traceable and wearable way.

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Faster & More Accurate

Thanks to our wearable product faster and error-free reading process instead of the traditional barcode reader's take read and place back method.

More Traceable

Work and physical performance analyzes using the employee and glove matching system. 24/7 stock tracking with smart stock box.

More Mobile

Hands free usage of wearable products enables workers to operate independently. Workers can use both hands during operations.

Our wearable intelligent solutions will help you greatly.



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who are we?

We aim to reduce production costs, accelerate production speed and increase production safety without eliminating manpower by digitizing stock, production, assembly and distribution operations carried out in the field of industry and logistics through smart systems.

In order to solve this problem, we are developing a smart stock box and an integrated smart scanner glove working with a wireless communication infrastructure.

With our software, in addition to all the operations carried out on the production/logistics line, the performance of the worker can also be monitored by collecting data such as which part the worker assembles and how many parts are put into production during the day.

Our products aim to be able to track the raw material from its entry to the production facility to its exit from the factory as the final product.

WEARINTELS aims to use information in the fastest, most accurate, most traceable and wearable way.

ASTELD Intelligent Stock Tracking Glove

Reduce errors with hands-free workflow
Speed up production and logistics processes by up to 50%
Save up to 6 seconds for scan
With the support of Lo-Ra, Wi-Fi, BLE communication use anywhere you want
Track your employee performance and health with smart sensors


STOKU Stock Tracking Box

Fast and easy integration
Process without manual intervention, fully automated
Continuous inventory monitoring
Automatic order system
Shortened order and delivery time
Reduce costs

Our Software Platform

We offer a management panel that you can run either offline or online at your production site. We can transfer your data to the system with Bluetooth, Wifi or LoRA by deciding together according to your workspace size or preference.

We can adapt our software system, which enables .NET Core infrastructure and mobile use, according to your production site.



Scalable & Flexible Platform
Deploy and scale rapidly
Access ready-to-use tools, libraries, samples of Mobile IoT services
Open Devzone platform and Documented APIs
Move/migrate easily any time
Solid Infrastructure
Ready for large data environments
Cloud, on-premise and hybrid infrastructure options

Our Features


Ready to use design
No coding needed
Advanced software support


Monitor operational processes
Monitor worker performance
Track every part from warehouse to final assembly


Reduce digital errors with smart software
Reduce physical errors with hands-free workflow


Speed up production and logistics processes by up to 50%


Efficient workforce Strong ROI.
Return your investments up to 30 days


Safer and faster processes
No need to pick and drop between operations

Use Cases


Receiving & Picking

You can determine whether the products are correct during the goods acceptance. With hands-free use, you can speed up your collection processes and place the raw materials/products coming to your warehouse without any room for error.


Stock Management

Let STOKU track your stocks for you! Thanks to the smart stock box, your stock amount is updated on your systems without the need for any manual operation. STOKU can inform you or automatically place an order when the stock amount reaches a critical level.


Sequencing & Assembly

A worker who can move hands-free during assembly can work 50% faster. With the wearable solutions, worker can be determine very quickly that materials correctly combined with each other or not. Is there an error? Don't worry, ASTELD will warn you with audible/visual/haptic notifications. ASTELD provides accuracy and speed to your processes.


Packing & Tracking

Your packaging processes will accelerate while your employees use their hands freely. Thanks to ASTELD's smart feedback mechanism and our smart software in the background, all possible errors in your packaging processes will be detected immediately.

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